Organic Restaurant ~ Agriturismo Villa Spoiano, Chianti (Tuscany)

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Organic restaurant: What's on our menu?

Tasteful dishes of the typical Tuscan cuisine, well prepared and made of our own organic products
Four times a week (monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) our cook prepares a four-course dinner with our home grown vegetables and meat from our Cinta Senese pigs and Dexter cows.

The restaurant is open from April to October, call us in advance to book your spot, our number is 0558077313.

We also organize special dinners and lunches for groups. The cosy ambience is perfect for family celebrations, birthdays and weddings. For special occasions, we also have a chapel.

Write us and we will be happy to help you organize a wonderful celebration.

Seasonal Vegetables

In our vegetable garden and the two greenhouses we grow a wide variety of vegetables. According to the season, we will serve dishes made of truly natural, organic and 0 Km ingredients.

Cinta Senese

Cinta Senese is a special breed of pig, originally from Siena. Our animals grow slowly because of their wild lifestyle. We feed them 1/3 with organic forage, while they are free to search the rest of their food in our forests, olive groves and vineyards.

With 20 months they come to the butcher, this is why the meat is extremely sapid. Ham (prosciutto) salami, bacon and a good glass wine, don't miss to taste all!

Dexter cow

This special cow breed is originally from Ireland, today only a few exemplars can be found in the UK and in Germany. Dexter cows are smaller than the average cow; this is why we let them walk freely between our olive groves